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Synthetik - The Mind's Eye, Technology V2.0, Abstract and Precision Movements now in stock on CD.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Love Is Digital (Extended Mix)

For those that are not familiar with Synthetik (Kevin Bate) well lets just say that if you want a twist on Kraftwerk done properly look no further. I thought these 4 albums were lost in time and was only through a freak Facebook post that I managed to re-connect with some of my early electronic album excursions.

Since 1990, Kevin has been releasing electronic albums starting with this one "The Mind's Eye". He also supported Ian Boddy back in '94 in Derby so if that's not a convincing enough statement I don't know what is!

The album itself is a fairly upbeat affair with plenty of melody, although out of the 4 available CD albums I am stocking this is the least Kraftwerky sounding one, although if I remember rightly, this was released after the success of the Technology album (even though it was the 1st actual release, I could be wrong) and was released after. Anyway still a great introduction to Synthetik.

Technology was the 1st actual Synthetik album I bought way back in the early 90's. This CD version has 5 bonus tracks (hence V.2) with the 1st issue long out of print as far as I know. This includes the CD single remix extended version of "Love Is Digital" and the dance mix also.

Absolutley stonking album and personally where Kraftwerk should have evolved into at the time but didn't, Kevin took over the reins without (probably ;-) ) knowing it and made a completely new re-work of the Kraftwerk sound his own. If you're gonna start somewhere, start with this album first. Classic!!!

All CD's are £9.99 each



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