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The new Mick Chillage Boxset 09-19 is now available to Pre Order

Winter 2019 sees the release of Mick Chillage’s massive 25 CD Box-set 09 - 19 on Fantasy Enhancing.The Box-set spans a decade of all of Mick physical solo albums starting with “Tales From The Igloo” his debut released in 2009 and finishes off with a brand new exclusive “Chapters 09 - 19” which was composed In 2019.

Many of Mick's CD releases have now become highly collectable within the Ambient/Experimental scene due to limited runs released on some labels that have garnered a cult following “FAXology” [2011] released on Pete Namlook’s Fax label is highly sought after along with many of Micks early releases on labels like Txt recordings and Databloem, Anodize etc which were only available on Ebay, Discogs etc at rather inflated collector prices. The “09 -19” Box-set features all of these albums, with some in remastered form.

Mick also released full albums as part of the “Nagual” USB album collections.All of these are exclusive to the Box-set on CD for the first time with some exclusive new material. “Exulansis [2017] which was a USB only album which clocked in at almost three hours of deep experimental ambient music which is now spread over three CD’s for the first time.

In 2014 Txt released the 2011_2014 USB collection which featured the exclusive“Surveying Wastelands” album, with three long form tracks of deep experimental ambient that mixed dark shifting synthscapes with environmental sounds, this is also featured for the first time on CD.

The Box-set runs in sequence of each release respectively and showcases a body of work which defines Mick as an artist who constantly morphs his vision of ambient experimental music with each new release, yet manages to create a sound that is truly unique and identifiable with a deep sense of musicality that makes Mick’s music memorable, emotional and embodies a timeless quality that demands repeated listens.



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