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Ulrich Schnauss "Goodbye" remastered on Double Vinyl. One of the best Electronic albums ever made.

Available for pre order on 12th June.

Ulrich Schnauss' re-mastered reissue series continues with a fresh edition of 2007 set "Goodbye", an album that saw him incorporate guitars and vocals for the very first time. Of course, these aren't standard guitars, and the 12 tracks stretched out across the CD draw more influence from the Cocteau Twins and Seefeel thanthey do rock or indie-pop records.

By combining these glistening guitar sounds with his usual gorgeous synthesizers, ambient chords and gentle electronic beats, Schnauss delivered an album that was notably different from its lauded predecessors while still remaining in the same sonic ballpark. Remastered and reissued on vinyl 2LP.

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