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Urban Meditation - Headspace. 5CD Boxset. Landing at Little Universe Music by early February.

Headspace is a five-volume work encapsulating the heart and soul of Urban Meditation. Truly, it is everything the experiment called Urban Meditation was meant to be... not only the unique blend of ambient, trance, techno, and neo-classical that defines Urban Meditation releases, but further expansions and pushing of boundaries into new territories. Each volume is a complete journey ebbing and flowing through different genres and moods. All five together tell a story of growth, discovery, collaboration, and invention. Let's take a journey together...

Each volume can be purchased as either separate tracks or a seamless mix. The seamless mix is the intended listening experience. Full purchase includes both separate and seamless.

In memory of Steve Brown, a loving family man and overall terrific guy who contributed so much to our musical community. Rest in beats Steve, we will miss you.

Big love to our ambient-electronica community. Without the support of my fellow musicians and fans, this release would not be possible. Thanks to Dave @ Carpe for providing an avenue to make dreams come true.



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