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Vangelis "Blade Runner" 25th Anniversary 3CD Boxset edition.

Well all good things come at Christmas and this Boxset is no exception. I've been a Vangelis fan since the release of the film which was how I came about hearing about this Meastro of electronic music at 14 odd years old. Bearing in mind there was no internet back then it was through word of mouth or pure chance that you knew about "other" music, or searching through record shops. No CDs back then either!

I need not say how much atmosphere this album holds and I only have a few of these in stock in anycase, but it's one of the iconic soundtracks from the early 80's when Sci-Fi started to get alot darker in the main stream cinema. I have managed to obtain a few copies for those of you out there that havn't seen the film or heard the soundtrack, particularly the younger generation, born after the event. Atari was at it's peak and arcade machines were raking in 10p's by the bucket. Yes that's how old I am...

This 3 CD Boxset is sealed as new. £19.99



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