Harmi Palda has been producing evocative electronic music since 2005 with releases on Boltfish, Rednetic and Toytronic Records accompanying performances at Glastonbury and Bestival. The Value of Accessibility sees Harmi combine his unique sense of emotive melody with meticulous attention to detail - threading acidic streaks through an atmosphere both foreboding and uplifting.  

In Harmi’s own words:  “The title refers to the mountain of accessible information that we can retrieve at any time from the internet.  We can listen and access music whenever we want - the value of which we must understand and appreciate. No one really has the time to step away from this and truly imagine what life was like prior to the internet. This is an expression of the information we have on tap, that once not long ago was an act of travelling to libraries, music shops, travel agents…..”.  

Quintillions of bytes of data are created daily, over 40,000 songs are added to Spotify every day, 300,000 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. And we are just at the start. 

Yet there is still time to reflect, discover and value this accessibility and there’s no better way to do that than via new music….


Infinite Scale | The Value of Accessibility | Orange Vinyl


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