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Slow shifting spacey ambient that unfolds with moments of low-key psychedelic background dub. Gradual patterns and pitter-patters of minimal downtempo of unclassifiable sounds emerge and gradually evolve as they slowly drift in/out of the ambient dubby soundscapes that also filter with earthly sounds with touches of acoustic instruments bringing an organic touch to the electronic composition - which itself has an organic floating feel in a spacey electronic way! Feels as if it was composed during a live jamming session during the early hours of the morning, while staring out to the stars after taking some LSD! A listening experience where the music will certainly filter into your subconscious mind while unknowingly oozing you into an engaging slow unfolding listen into hypnotic, hazey, spaced-out, trippy yet also a very unique deep engaging music that will immerse and intrigue you from beginning to end.

Intergalactic Federation | 1/2 | Double CD

  • CD 1

    1. Jadd 12:45
    2. Ten Waves 25:05
    3. Kisy Loa 14:47
    4. Caravan 23:57

    CD 2

    5. Dub 1 16:07
    6. Underwater 17:39
    7. Dub 2 15:53
    8. Intergalactic Funk 16:46

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