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Introducing Jeff Pearce's latest album, "Only The Stars Remain", now available on CD at our record shop. Immerse yourself in Pearce's mesmerizing blend of ambient, electronic, and new age soundscapes as he takes you on a captivating musical journey. This album features 8 tracks of soul-stirring music that will transport you to distant galaxies and evoke a sense of wonder and tranquility. Perfect for fans of artists like Steve Roach and Brian Eno, "Only The Stars Remain" is a must-have addition to your ambient music collection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a physical copy of this stunning release by one of the genre's most talented musicians.


"Only the Stars Remain" consists of three songs created around my trip to the Philadelphia area in mid-May 2023. I was headed there to play three concerts, and I did a lot of rehearsal recordings in the weeks before the trip. Two of those songs are on this album. I also wrote one song on the way home, and that is on here as well.

1) Beyond and Within: This is a track from my year 2000 album “To the Shores of Heaven”, and I initially rehearsed this piece as part of my set for the Echoes Living Room concert I’d be playing when in the Philadelphia area. The rehearsal recordings (from which this version was taken) turned out better than I expected- and the version I played for the Echoes Living Room concert turned out so well that I decided to also play it for the Gathering concert the following evening.

2) Only the Stars Remain: This is a long one (both the song and the story behind it).

The main parts of this song were created on the night of January 29th, 2023. I had driven back to Missouri for my father’s funeral, and the morning of his visitation, I drove out to the family farm where my siblings and I were raised. It was the first time I’d been there since the 1860's era family house had been torn down, and the change to the physical and emotional landscape was noticeable; where there was once a house, there was now tillable land. Later that evening- VERY late in the evening- I drove out to the farm again, with a guitar and laptop, and waited inside the warmth of my car for whatever would happen. And something immediately happened, which was not surprising; there was, naturally, a lot on my mind that night- my dad, my mom, my family.

I was in the same physical space that I wrote about on my song “The Stars Above my Childhood Home” (from the “Skies and Stars” album in 2019), but that home wasn’t there any more- and neither was the orchard that I spent teenage summer nights walking through while listening to “Music from the Hearts of Space” on my headphone radio. So many things, and now people, were no longer there. But the stars were still there.

The version on this recording features two acoustic guitars and two loop pedals- with everything run through effects that take the acoustic guitar sounds and transform them into something else.

3) Of Nostalgia and Goodbyes: this song came into existence somewhere along the Pennsylvania turnpike after I left the Philadelphia area on early Sunday morning, May 14th. I quickly (and poorly) hummed some musical notes into the recording app on my cell phone, and then pulled over at the next service plaza, pulled out a guitar, and worked out the arrangement. And then I was on my way home again.

I had mentioned, after the poor job humming the song into my phone, that the song was “full of nostalgia and goodbyes” and it’s not surprising that such things were on my mind; the night before, I said my goodbyes to friends in the Philly area that I’d known for around half my life. But that simple phrase guided me in making the quick arrangement of the song, and in working on the final arrangement when I arrived home. It also guided me in coming up with a title for the finished song. 

Digital release June 6, 2023

CD release 12th January 2024

Jeff Pearce: electric and acoustic guitars

Jeff Pearce | Only The Stars Remain | CD

  • 1. Beyond and Within 05:10
    2. Only the Stars Remain 45:00
    3. Of Nostalgia and Goodbyes 02:37

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