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Introducing the captivating instrumental album "Skies and Stars" by Jeff Pearce, a must-have for any ambient music enthusiast. This stunning CD features Pearce's signature blend of guitar and synthesizer, creating a dreamy, celestial atmosphere that will transport you to another world. With tracks inspired by the beauty of the night sky, this album is perfect for relaxation, meditation, or simply getting lost in the music. Let the soothing melodies and atmospheric soundscapes of "Skies and Stars" take you on a mesmerizing musical journey. Add this exceptional album to your collection and experience the magic of Jeff Pearce's mesmerizing music.


"Skies and Stars" is my "soundtrack for skywatching" album. This is the first album I've done since my "The Light Beyond" album in 2001 to feature nothing but music in my "space guitar" style.

The music on "Skies and Stars" came from many nights of long music improvisations while watching the stars slowly appear in the sky. The album features two long-form pieces, and closes with a shorter piece dedicated to my daughters.

"Skies and Stars" was mastered by Tom Eaton

Jeff Pearce | Skies and Stars | CD

  • 1. Evening Clouds
    2. The Stars Above My Childhood Home
    3. The Last Bright Lights 

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