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ABBILDUNG returns to Little Universe Music from our friends over at Winter-Light with a new studio album 'At The Gates Of Ouln'.

We journey once more to the world first visited in 'All Demons Are Horned' and enter the realm of the other dreamers.
On 'At The Gates Of Ouln', ABBILDUNG presents us with six new tracks of classic dark ambient, forged in his own unique style. Utilising field recordings, samples, drones and beautifully crafted atmospherics, we are once again drawn in to the creative realm of Casian's music. 

Uplifting organ sounds wrap themselves around rich, dark overtones, pulling them from out of the shadows and up in to the half light, only to let them fall away again in to the gaping abyss below, as they burn bright for one last time before fading away in to black nothingness ....  

'They dream our darkest dreams. They are searching for the untold meaning of their own dreams. They are starting to conjure all manner of strange things; demons, fears and chaos in primeval rituals. The mysteries of their realm unveil themselves, as we descend through their mystical gate....'

Music, dark ambience, sound sculpting and story by Casian Stefan.
Mastered at Cruel Sound Works.
Cover concept and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

© Abbildung 2019
© Winter-Light 2019

CD comes in a full colour 4-panel digipak, strictly limited to 200 copies. Running time approximately 65:00 minutes.

ABBILDUNG | At The Gates Of Ouln | CD

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