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The third album in the highly-acclaimed Deep Skies series is now available. Inspired by the Pleiades constellation, an open cluster of stars steeped in lore and mystery, this album continues the musical journey to the farthest reaches of space.

The seven main stars in the Pleiades cluster are named after the mythological seven daughters of the gods Atlas and Pleione, and these Seven Sisters are often depicted dancing in a joyous, trance-like reverie.

This aspect is conveyed in some of the music by a gently rhythmic pulse, whilst retaining the huge, spacious swathes of drifting sound that Deep Skies has become known for.

Kevin Kendle | Light from the Pleiades | CD

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Stok kodu: DeepSkies3
  • 1. Dance of Electra

    2. Alcyone

    3. Maia

    4. Merope

    5. Taygeta

    6. Asterope (Night Sky Music)

    7. Celaeno

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