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My work has been described as "Glacial Ambient” by a number of critics, which has a certain logic to it, (However I tend to see myself more in the minimalist tradition of Steve Riech, Philip Glass and La Mont Young - and as a I tend to use heavily processed audio and electronics. I have definite Electroacoustic / musique concrete influences as well,) But "Glacial Ambient” is a fairly close fit as I tend to work with very slow development and gradual change within a piece. 

As a composer I’m constantly feel myself pulled in two directions, Firstly I try to avoid the tendency of a lot of contemporary music of constantly adding more and more superfluous detail and “events” to provide interest to hold the attention of the listener, rather than leaving the composition to develop slowly under its own internal logic. And secondly in opposition to this I’m interested in giving a sense of place or landscape and development even a sense of drama into a piece. - Mark Harris

Mark Harris | In The Forests... | Compact Disc

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