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With the upcoming release from Merlin & Lydia Delay, it's only fitting that we stock the  superb “Magic Potion” album by the musical wizard known as Merlin (aka Slobodan Gacesa).  

Slobodan is also known as 'Vertex', a joint project with his musical side-kick Nikola Kozic (aka Zyce).

These tracks are the modern equivalent of sonic alchemy where the journey aspect of progressive trance is transformed into something deeper and epic by slowing down the tempos. The full power of the trance melodies adapt perfectly to the silky, slinky rhythms, while the compositions reveal an incredible musical freshness and are tuned into the spiritual side so integral and appreciated amongst Altar Records releases.

Grab your Magic Potion today and enjoy the transformative power of this release from 2015 by Merlin

Merlin | Magic Potion | CD

Değerlendirmelere göre beş yıldız üzerinden hesaplanan puan 0.0
Stok kodu: ARCDA50CD
  • 1. Awakening  05:09    
    2. Magic Potion  08:24    
    3. MERLIN & DUNYA - Moment of Truth 06:02    
    4. No Way Back  08:01    
    5. MERLIN & SUFI'S LIFE - Sunset Dream 08:55    
    6. MERLIN & ZYCE Feat. SPINNEY LAINEY - Submersion Cut 2  06:14    
    7. Immortality (Album Version) 06:43    
    8. MERLIN Feat. Moan - In Your Eyes  07:13    
    9. MERLIN Feat. SOLAR KID - East of Eden  06:40    
    10. Lullaby  07:32

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