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Two highly respected and prolific artists join forces for this collaborative release on the Winter-Light label. Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) & Rapoon (Robin Storey) recording together for the very first time, combining both of their key musical elements and forging something very new and different in the process. 'Post-Folk Lore Vol.1' is comprised of 4 long pieces created through shared recording sessions between their respective UK and Italian studios. Using traditional instruments, alongside sampled elements and synthesised sounds, Rapoon and Nimh open the door to this newly created Post-Folk space. credits releases May 22, 2020 All instruments and compositions: Robin Storey and Giuseppe Verticchio The album has been mastered by Robin Storey. A special thanks to Patricia Schoonenberg and Mark O'Shea for making this meeting possible. © Robin Storey 2020 © Giuseppe Verticchio 2020 © Winter-Light 2020 Cover concept and design by © Midnight Sun Studio

Nimh & Rapoon | Post​-​Folk Lore Vol​.​1 | CD

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