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Reflective Records label head Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum & Tasho Nicolopulos aka Its Infinite Flower began playing together Halloween 2015 on a Boat in the San Francisco Bay. The two were asked to host a “chill out” room for SF's Sunset Sound System Halloween Boat Party & thus began a strange & ridiculous ritual of dragging a bunch of synthesizers & drum machines on a boat to cruise around the Bay while people rave in costume.

The expansive & largely improvised sets stretched to four hours or more & this selection of recordings from 2017 represents a collage of the majestic dark horror jazz electro the two have become known for evoking.

Spacetime Continuum & Its Own Infinite Flower | Empress Eyes | CD

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Stok kodu: SEIZE-LXXII
  • 1. San Pablo Bay 
    2. Empress Ice
    3. Apparition 
    4. Angel Island 
    5. Seance 
    6. Rat Rock Island 

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