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The Expanding Universe is Martin Kennedy from All India Radio's new project.

Exploring the hazier psychedelic side of ambient with references to Berlin school and a 1970s New Age aesthetic, The Expanding Universe debut album 'One' is a cosmic journey into inner space.


Instruments used:
Moog Subsequent 25
Casio MT-65
Hologram Electronics Microcosm
Novation Peak and whatever guitar and bass I had at the time.


Most used software:
Valhalla reverbs and delays
Cherry Audio Quadra
GForce M-Tron Pro (Mellotron)


Released on May 6th, 2022

Written and recorded by The Expanding Universe

Underground Cities with Emily Hopkins

Art design and illustrations by Timothée Boubay
© all rights reserved

The Expanding Universe | One | 180gm Vinyl

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  • 1. The Long Silence 
    2. Ancient Obelisk
    3. Infinite Machine
    4. Percipience
    5. Underground Cities
    6. Dune

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