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Pushing beyond the plains of ambient perception, Urban Meditation takes us on a journey beyond the phantasmal realm and into deep-field electronics. Originally created for The Waveform Transmitter’s Sunday Service, Urban Meditation (The Dark Side of the Mix) reworks material from previous and future releases to conjure a mix of hypnotic ambience. Now available for the first time on CD and as a digital download, this is a collection of evolutionary and extraordinary electronica. Having already released two acclaimed albums of ambient techno and IDM, Urban Meditation is now exploring the outer reaches of the cosmos. The sounds are primordial, like long-buried artefacts transmitting from a dying space station. It is impossible not to be moved by the hauntingly beautiful, and languidly arcing layers of electronics and samples that seem to beckon the echoing void of deep space. Urban Meditation is a shamanic sound collagist and astral explorer, entrancing us with his dense and opaque compositions that speak to our very souls, revealing us within their hypnotic pulses.


© Cosmic Shore Records 2020 

Urban Meditation | The Dark Side Of The Mix | CD

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Stok kodu: CSR002
  • 1. Transmission - Into the Void / 07:25 [20 Years in Space - Headspace II] 2. Cassini / 02:48 [Currents of Space] 3. Moons of Jupiter (Voyager Mix by Canopy of Stars) / 09:06 [Recurrence of Space] 4. Hidden Depths / 06:16 [Currents of Space] 5. Deep Space / 05:41 [20 Years in Space] 6. Interstellar Dust / 09:49 [Headspace I] 7. Currents of Space 1 / 11:22 [Currents of Space] 8. Forever Adrift - Comet Trails / 08:16 [Headspace V - Currents of Space] 9. Return - Nightfall / 07:46 [20 Years in Space - Headspace III]

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