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‘E-Scape 2017’ is a collection of exclusive studio and unreleased live tracks from artists performing at the 2017 UK E-Scape Festival. The music is a varied collection of traditional electronic music of the spacey, sequencer style and it all hangs together nicely as a cohesive electronic music album.

Glenn Main opens proceedings with the catchy and clearly Jarre inspired ‘Man and Machine’. That leads perfectly into the mysterious ‘Dream Flight’ by David Wright & Carys, who further develop their distinctive and evocative collaborative style.

The album goes into experimental space music mode with the exploratory and sequenced ‘Extropic Sound Configurations’ by Modulator ESP, before the gem of a track, ‘Spirit Escaping’ by Peter Challonerweaves its magical spell. We then move into the longest track on the album, the Berlin School inspired, ‘Rythme de croisiere’ by Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder.

Barry Neilsen’s Modal 002 demo, the stunning, drifting ‘Leftie’ follows, showcasing the awesome Modal 002 synth, before the album concludes with an epic version of the old Mark Shreeve classic,‘System Six’, performed live by ARC.

E-Scape 2017 is sure to appeal to fans of traditional sequencer styled, spacey electronic music.

Various Artists | E-Scape 2017 Compilation | CD

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