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Carpe Sonum Logo

EAR/Rational Music was the official North American distributor for the Pete Namlook’s FAX label and one of the many things that ended with Pete’s passing was FAX’s sublabel, which released unbelievable music from artists around the world. Carpe Sonum started months later, after a successful tribute release, in an attempt to carry on Pete’s tradition: Carpe Sonum is about the artists and you, the fans. As fans of CDs and the ambient genre ourselves, we work to show our appreciation for supporting talented artists by giving you a quality well-constructed product that you will be proud to have in your hands and on your shelf, in an effort to earn your essential support. Carpe Sonum’s goal in the coming years is to make the CD (and hopefully vinyl) a cherished and valuable commodity for you in this digital age and have the way we handle music dubbed “the Carpe Sonum treatment”. In everything we do, in every detail, we think about Pete and if he would be proud of what we do as well.

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