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41-year-old Portland-based Projekt Records is home to Steve Roach, Erik Wøllo, Michael Stearns, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Aurelio Voltaire and many other artists. Projekt’s two-genre approach covers both the electronic/ambient and goth/darkwave realms. With over 75 Steve Roach titles, the label released his 2018 + 2019 Grammy-nominated albums as well as his catalog classics. Yoga Journal called Steve’s groundbreaking 1984 floating ambient Structures from Silence one of the “…top ten all-time releases for Yoga.” Other Roach milestones include Quiet Music, Dreamtime Return and the 4-CD Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces. Projekt’s noteworthy and boundary-pushing darkwave acts established the label in the 90’s as the American counterpart to England’s famed 4AD. Voltaire’s 1998 debut The Devil’s Bris remains a classic of the genre; a video from the follow-up Almost Human gets over 17,500 daily plays on YouTube. With over 67 million tracks streamed in 2022, the label grows with a biweekly schedule of new and classic titles adding to the 650+ releases albums. Surviving throughout the decades where so many others perished, Projekt continues to nurture the careers of its select roster of artists.

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