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Across 8,500 miles and one sweeping ocean, pioneering electronic music maestro Steve Roach and new gen artist theAdelaidean align their ambient atmospherics within a double album both introspective and otherworldly. Each half expands through luminous soundscapes that radiate a gentle warmth. Melodic fragments call across vast, reverberant expanses, revealing unique expressive sensibilities and unexpected creative parallels. The ten tracks are serene and meditative, an immersive crossing of spatial and sonic universes. Merging Baja Arizona-based Roach’s decades of mastery sculpting immersive soundworlds with Australia-based theAdelaidean's delicate, meticulous sound design, the listener is taken through a stately unfurling of translucent textures and etheric dronescapes. Sweeping yet intimate, the over two-hour work is a testament to the power of collaboration, an essential listen for fans of both artists, a lingering hushed statement of glowing luminosity.

TheAdelaidean & Steve Roach | Parallels | 2CD

  • Disc One:

    1. Finding Focus
    2. Cloud Theatre
    3. Skyline Shards
    4. Dusk Portrait
    5. Vanishing Point

    Disc Two:

    6. North Parallel

    7. Airspace Vista

    8. South Parallel

    9. Horizon Convergence

    10. Intersecting Fields

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