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Introducing the Steve Roach Sanctuary of Desire 2CD, a mesmerizing and immersive musical experience that transcends time and space. This double-disc album features Roach's signature blend of ambient electronic music, taking listeners on a journey through ethereal soundscapes and hypnotic rhythms. The album is perfect for fans of ambient and electronic music, as well as those looking for a soundtrack for meditation, relaxation, or deep introspection. With over two hours of music, Sanctuary of Desire offers a deeply immersive and introspective listening experience that will captivate and transport you to another realm. Add this stunning album to your collection and let the music of Steve Roach envelop you in its otherworldly beauty.


Masterfully joining the two worlds that define Steve Roach’s signature styles, the 153-minute 2CD Sanctuary of Desire combines deep ambience and mesmerizing, spiral-like electronic forms in a majestic flow of stately elegance and breathtaking aural drift. Disc one explores a realm of suspended tranquility, sustained reflection and emotional resonance. Disc two soars into the mythic imagination by way of multi-dimensional mandala-like tapestries woven from Steve’s mastery of analog-based synths textures, sequencer, and hovering atmospherics.

Across the nine tracks, Roach manifests a sonic sanctuary that inspires an unfoldment of one’s own desires, perceptions and intentions.

“The album,” Roach muses, “is a cathedral of the future built to hold and nourish the deep spirit of the creative life. It has transcendent yearning, aspiration and integration at its foundation.”

“Disc one is a suspended space of deeper reflection. It’s a place of many layers of meaning and interconnectivity, an environment that welcomes your highest intentions. My sanctuary of desire, on one level, is the studio space that I really love to dwell in and be in. It’s the container from which this music emerges; and too, the sanctuary of desire can be wherever you’re at. Simultaneously, it’s also the consciousness of the heart — of the soul — of the imagination — that you weave and draw from for inspiration. It’s a place that contains your own individual passion to connect with something larger than yourself. Something more timeless than daily concerns; providing protection from the outside world in order to find one’s own source of renewal.”

Steve continues, “There’s this moment of repose that Joan Halifax calls ‘the fertile darkness.’ From this richness, all things can grow from your trust and surrender. Out of that comes the music on the second disc. The internal becomes action, a visionary aspect of dimensional music. As if building structures and tangible incredible forms, massive beautiful cathedrals with dynamic symmetry and balance, all held together with a stirring power. A sense of strength. It’s the desire to mould something from nothing as we go deeper into life. I find it palatable, a living energy form, a living atmosphere that one can tap into. It’s the sanctuary of your deepest desires, incredibly vital and powerful.”




Exposé: "…spins an intense web of subtle shimmering beauty that captures two sides of his immersive craft."

Star’s End: "All Roach is asking of us is to think for ourselves, and take with us his feelings of wonderment out into the world. Through our everyday actions every one of us is making tomorrow. While Sanctuary of Desire is enlivening our listening space, we must imagine what lies ahead – and then forge a future we all can recognize." -Chuck van Zyl

Dave Aftandilian writes at Bandcamp: "Carries the listener on warm, caressing, gently embracing wave-layers of sound to that still place within that represents our higher self, where our creativity and connection to the boundless horizons of existence are nurtured. Beautiful soundtrack for inner contemplation."

Steve Roach | Sanctuary of Desire | 2CD

  • 1. Lucent 31:21
    2. Departing Raven 16:02
    3. Night Flower 09:35
    4. Before I Leave 11:51
    5. Sanctuary of Desire 25:39
    6. The Elegance of Motion 29:12
    7. Integration Being 07:20
    8. Currents of Desire 12:24
    9. Before . . . After 09:20

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