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Welcome to the ultimate collection of ambient music from legendary artist Steve Roach. The Rest of Life 2CD set contains over two hours of mesmerizing soundscapes and meditative compositions, perfect for relaxation, meditation, or creative inspiration. Immerse yourself in Roach's signature blend of electronic and organic tones, as he takes you on a contemplative journey through the expanse of the human spirit and the mysteries of existence. This beautifully packaged set is a must-have for any ambient music enthusiast or collector of Roach's iconic work. Discover the Rest of Life and let the music transport you to a place of timeless tranquility and introspection.


Emerging from a place of deep peace, expansiveness and renewal, Rest of Life is Steve Roach’s new 134-minute opus to quietude. With a graceful, nurturing quality expressed in five different reflective moods, Disc One is 70 minutes of impressionistic, emotion-infused electronic soundscapes. As Steve reflects, “I consciously tuned into the soul tone of Structures from Silence and Quiet Music. Not in a nostalgic sense but exploring and expressing where this feeling lives in me now in the depth of myself at this point in time. As stated in the Quiet Music release notes years ago, the essence of this deep listening occurs not only within the experience of the music itself but also within the place that you are after the music fades and you return to the silence, this rest of life.”

Disc Two, “The Knowing Place,” embraces a vast majestic textural landscape that plays with the unexpected harmony of chance and expanding time. The single, extended composition evolves over 60 minutes: gently ecstatic mystical spaces emerge and finally surrender to a deeper embrace of living, breathing, stately thematic chordal passages and melodic interweaves that include processed viola performed by Linda Kohanov. The spacious symphonic arc and emotional resonance of the track culminates in the re-emergence and blooming of the main “Knowing Place” theme returning to the source of a restorative journey, fully integrated and renewed.

“The title Rest of Life,” Steve reveals, “is drawn from my relationship to time itself. The priceless value of time and how we engage, rest, immerse, play with, step out of, create and love within our precious time on this planet. Every day I feel the Rest of Life revealing itself in subtle yet dramatic ways.”

Steve Roach | Rest of Life | 2CD

  • 1. Sit with Me 07:49
    2. Rest of Life 22:55
    3. Future Informing 09:46
    4. Softly Spoken Deeply Heard 16:37
    5. Stream of Forever 16:42
    6. The Knowing Place 01:00:14

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