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The Jeff Greinke Oceanic CD is a mesmerizing and atmospheric musical journey that captures the essence of the ocean. With lush soundscapes and ethereal textures, Greinke creates a captivating sonic experience that transports listeners to the depths of the sea. This ambient masterpiece is perfect for relaxation, meditation, or simply getting lost in its immersive soundscapes. The album showcases Greinke's masterful use of electronic and acoustic instruments to create a truly unique and captivating listening experience. Whether you're a fan of ambient music or simply looking for a transcendent sonic escape, the Jeff Greinke Oceanic CD is a must-have for any music collection.


Oceanic is undulating ambient minimalism floating upon dreamy and somewhat hazy eddies in a slow-moving stream of wonder. Jeff Greinke’s second album upon his return to Projekt — and 24th overall in a 40-year career — marks a departure from last year’s post-classical A Thousand Year Flood. Here, the electronic sounds are processed and often stacked to create complex textures, chords and harmonies. The timbres are distinct, formed with subtle detail, capturing the ebb and flow of emotional whirlpools surging like briny ocean turbulence within one’s heart.

“These nine compositions,” Jeff reflects, “involve abundant sonic motion with multiple layers moving from side to side, front to back, and at varying speeds and dimensions. This motion conjures large bodies of water with their long rolling waves, strong currents and cross-currents, and big slow moving tides. Hence, the album title Oceanic. That said, there’s also a prominent atmospheric aspect to this work — a common thread for me over the years — lending a mysterious and suspended quality to many of these pieces. In this way I think of more than just large bodies of water; the scenery also includes misty mountains, big clouds, steady rain, the jet stream, and far-off frozen places with massive drifting icebergs.”

“This music comes from a period of intense exploration intended to expand my musical palette through an empirical process of heavily manipulating, treating and then layering sounds. In this way, Oceanic is perhaps my most ‘experimental’ release; not in terms of genre, but in how I used the studio to push my compositions into new sonic realms. The pieces are entirely sample- and synth-based, less minimal, and don’t involve other players. The timbres are not as clear or clean; they’re more smeared and altered. This nine-month period of deeply focused creativity was an immensely exciting and fertile time of discovery for me.”

As a seasoned artist, Jeff pushed against familiar and comfortable studio work patterns by harnessing a wild abandoned approach to sculpting Oceanic. The end result is an album of music designed to draw the listener into a richly harmonic and deeply textured, somewhat strange and often beautiful, world of exploratory sound.



Ambient Soundbath: "High praise for Jeff Greinke’s newest recording, Oceanic, a stand-out gem in a world of music streaming services and YouTube channels overflowing with choices. This is really the sonic refresh that I needed." -Matt Borghi
Exposé: "..the pieces on Oceanic follow similar cloudlike patterns, moving irregularly through time and space, floating freely on a number of different levels; the effect is at once soothing and beautiful, bursting with microtones and splashes of colors, every track differing from all the others, some eliciting warmth, others ice cold, yet others evoking myriad swells of seductive curiosity. There’s always something new and surreal around every corner." -Peter Thelen
Star’s End: "As it moves between vivid textures and indefinite atmospheres our navigation of Oceanic always feels precise in its approach of something essential. Give yourself over. This is a realm you want to visit." -Chuck van Zyl

Jeff Greinke | Oceanic | CD

  • 1. Oceanic 05:50
    2. Mountains to Clouds 04:42
    3. Cirrus Currents 05:26
    4. Cyclogenesis 06:09
    5. Temple of Dripping Bells 05:10
    6. Place of Discovery 04:49
    7. Late Rain at the Station 05:48
    8. Pressure Gradient 04:27
    9. Northern Reaches 09:26

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