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California Storm is Claes Algström(Sweden) and “Ancient Buildings” is a follow up to to the acclaimed CARPE SONUM debut “A Silent Movement”. Where this release moved us with short pieces of cleverly composed 70s-, early Tangerine Dream style Ambient Electronica, DATABLOEM's successor builds up to a 70 minute nine- tracker of more stretched out spacious soundscapes. Formidable colored by ULTIMAE mastermind Vincent Villuis, “Ancient Buildings” stands out both in sound and composition.

California Storm | Ancient Buildings | CD

  • 1. Square Wave Knowledge 4:58
    2. A Walk Through The City In Humid Colourations 9:20
    3. Valley Of The Unexpected 6:47
    4. Frozen Light 8:38
    5. Harmonic Detail 5:15
    6. Inside the Forest 6:27
    7. Echoes From A Distant Room 16:06
    8. Low Frequency Shuffle 5:34
    9. Shadow Of A Dream 7:20

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