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Welcome to the ethereal soundscape of GB Edge's latest album "Floating In Space." Mario Pelosi, the mastermind behind GB Edge, takes listeners on a journey through ambient and drone music that is both captivating and immersive. The album features the breathtaking track "Arrakis Revenge," a tribute to the iconic 2021 remake of "DUNE" with music by Hans Zimmer, dedicated to the legendary Maestro Klaus Schulze. "Floating In Space" is a sonic experience that will transport you to a world of tranquility and exploration. Add this mesmerizing CD to your collection and let GB Edge's mesmerizing music elevate your senses.

GB Edge | Floating In Space | CD

  • 1. Constellations 8:12
    2. Mutations 9:02
    3. Arrakis Revenge 10:08
    4. Vanishing Point 6:07
    5. Alien Encounter 5:24
    6. Morgona 8:54
    7. Wormhole Experience 3:19
    8. Ambient Abduction 6:23
    9. DeepSpace Voices 5:34

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