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This is a Pre Order and is now expected to arrive by 31st May. There has been another delay from the original release date of 26th April,10th May by Cargo Records the distributor. Strictly 1 per customer only.

Comes with free A4 poster exclusive to Little Universe Music. Limited stocks.


Embark on a mesmerising journey with the third and culminating chapter of the highly acclaimed trilogy by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy. Building on the success of Jupiter 13 (2021) and The Strange Life of Persephone Nimbus (2022), their latest epic, 'Premonition K,' unveils a sumptuous and organic sonic landscape, delving into the dark and enigmatic realms that exist between the boundaries of life and death. This album, a testament to their musical synergy, encapsulates a darkly beautiful soundscape, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, ranging from the haunting tones of Roger Waters' Final Cut to the shadowy depths explored by early 1970s Black Sabbath.


Steve Kilbey, best known as frontman of legendary Aussie post-prog rockers The Church, infuses each track with an emotional resonance and sense of mystery. Martin Kennedy co-pilots this sonic odyssey with Steve Kilbey, weaving an intricate musical bed for Kilbey's lyrical dreamings. Drawing from his twenty years of soundscaping with All India Radio, Kennedy adds layers of sonic complexity, at once warmly familiar and mysteriously strange, creating an immersive experience for the listener.


Together, Kilbey and Kennedy invite you to break out the ouija board, turn off the lights, and immerse yourself in the mysteries of 'Premonition K'.



Album Review: ‘Premonition K’ is another luminescent chapter in the mystical, fantastical world of Kilbey/Kennedy (Steve Kilbey from The Church and Martin Kennedy from All India Radio).by Arun Kendall - Backseat Mafia score 9.5

April 4, 2024


Written and recorded by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy.

Mixed and mastered for vinyl by Simon Polinski.

Cover art by Keith Donald.

Backing vocals on NDE, The Ouija Board and The Song That Wrote Itself by Sasquin.

Backing vocals on My Better Half by Leona Gray.

Bass on NDE by Rich Gray.

Drums on Nowhere by Chris Bohm.

Drums on Whispered Voices On Tape by Chris Brush.

Kilbey Kennedy | Premonition ‘K’ | Ltd Tangerine Vinyl

  • Side A

    01 Breaking the Fourth Wall       04:42

    02 NDE 03:46

    03 The Doctor   02:28

    04 Nowhere       03:19

    05 My Better Half            04:48

    06 That’s Gotta Hurt      03:03


    Side B

    07 Whispered Voices On Tape  02:59

    08 The King        04:07

    09 The Contender           03:28

    10 The Ouija Board         03:22

    11 Menace In The Past 03:41

    12 The Song That Wrote Itself   05:01

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